Carlos is a session drummer experienced in studio and live performances as well as in teaching all genres. His career as a session drummer started at the age of 14. His live shows experience includes Hansel & Gretel "The Musical", drummer for many productions of Maldito Rodríguez, the participation in the Balkan Youth Festival (BYF, Bulgaria), performing at 40 principales Canarias fest with the band Crash, supporting the pop singer Neo Pinto (Neo Tour 2015-2016), performing with the big band The Sugar Hill Band, etc.

Carlos is currently based in London where teaching at Harrow Drum School (HDS) collaborating with the international drummer Gabor Dornyei

Carlos is also a member of the folk-rock spanish band La Volpe Band. Also sessioning for many artists (Joe Slater, Alex Francis, Winnie & The Rockettes, Antcosmos, Modo Rakune, etc.).